Thursday, November 13, 2014

Good deed of the day

Today I went to the local Target to buy some groceries. I picked up what I wanted, paid and walked out of the store. When I reached my car and picked up the grocery bag to put it in the car, I noticed that I had missed two cans of pumpkin puree hidden under the top rack of the cart. I put the grocery bag in the car and decided to take the cans back into the store. I waited for the same counter to be free where I had paid for the other groceries. When I got my turn, I told the lady at the counter what happened and that I wanted to pay for the two cans. She was very happy to hear it and thanked me for being honest and coming back to pay for the cans. I felt equally happy to see the big smile on her face. Guess I was done with my good deed of the day :)

Note: Image courtesy Google Search

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