Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silver and Chains

Couple of months back, while I was thinking of new designs for the Winter Art & Crafts Fair I invited my best friend for a dinner at my house first time after her wedding. I was very sure that I would gift her my handmade jewelry and wanted to make something special for her. As she wears very simple jewelry the question was should I gift her what I wanted her to wear ;) or what I knew she will wear for sure. After thinking for a while, I went with the latter. So I made a simple necklace set with Silver chain and Lemon Topaz. I was very glad that she not only loved the set, but she in fact gave me the inspiration for my new designs for the fair. I humbly dedicate my new collection to her :)

In the new collection, I have emphasized on chains and different shapes of Silver more than the gemstones which resulted in simple but elegant pieces. Here is a glimpse of some of them.

From Menka's Jewelry

The necklace set above has a crazy Jasper square as the pendant with Pyrite gemstone. The grey color of Pyrite enhances the grey yellow pattern of the Jasper. Different shapes of the gemstones used in the necklace adds to its beauty.

From Menka's Jewelry

The second necklace set has Amethyst drops with Swarovski crystals. Laser cut oblong Silver pendant compliments the pattern of the chain.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From daughter to her father

Dear Papa,
Its been two years today since you left us for your heavenly abode. Though my mind has accepted the fact that you are not with us physically but the heart always tells me that you are with us all the time spiritually and emotionally. Since you left, I have been trying to find the answer to the question why you had to go all of a sudden but I guess only God knows the answer. Every morning I feel like picking up the phone and calling you to share what's happening in my life - at home, at work, kids activities.
While you were here, I don't know if I told you enough how much I loved and cared for you and how much I respected you for the wonderful upbringing you have given me. Today I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me life's values to lead a successful one, be strong to face its ups and downs with a smile on my face, be helping and caring - above all be a good human being. I love you so much and miss you lots. You were the greatest father, friend and guide for me and will always be!
With lots of love and hugs,
Your little girl

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