Monday, April 28, 2014

The soup I cooked for my partner

When I started putting together the soup for my partner Mary Shannon Hicks, I wanted to send her a good mix of beads and findings.

I started with few yellow Jasper, an Agate oval and added couple of strands of fresh water pearls.
Along came multicolored glass beads and crystals.

And here is a small collection of pewter findings I added to the soup.

For the focal and clasp, I added a hand and a flower clasp. I am very curious to see how Mary will use them in her designs, specially the hand. I have been trying to use the hand in one of my designs for some time but haven't been able to finalize on one. Hoping Mary's design will help me refine my ideas too.

Mary found the soup beautiful and fun. Eagerly waiting to see her reveal on the party day.

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