Sunday, January 22, 2012

10K in 10 weeks - week 1

I recently signed up for Santa Cruz Half Marathon & 10K 2012, scheduled for April 1st, first 10K :)

Last year, after my first 5K run, I was struggling to go back to my regular exercising routine and with overall a very busy schedule was trying hard to take out time to exercise. As time passed by I realized that having a goal will help me maintain a routine but the question was whether to sign up for next 5K or double it up and go for a 10K.

My husband, who himself is a marathon runner and very disciplined towards his exercising routine, motivated me to think about a 10K. He created a complete plan for me to do a 10K in 10 weeks which includes running along with strength training. Couple of weeks back, I started following the plan for strength training and resumed my runs. Initially I had no idea about these exercises like fire hydrants, jumping jacks etc and my body was so sore in the first few days but as I am doing them more regularly I am not only enjoying them but also feeling the difference it makes.

As per the race day, week 1 of 10 weeks ended yesterday and here is how it looks like.
W01 Day1 - 2 miles run and strength training
W01 Day2 - rest
W01 Day3 - 2.06 miles walk
W01 Day4 - rest
W01 Day5 - rest
W01 Day6 - 2.5 miles run and strength training
W01 Day7 - 1.55 miles walk

As we talked to our family and friends about this plan, many of them showed interest and decided to try it out. I guess they also needed the discipline, motivation and little push like me to get into a regular & healthy exercising routine! We attend weekly boot camps led by my husband and it feels great to see every body's enthusiasm, high spirits and determination to make a change for themselves.

I am using Runkeeper, to track my runs and exercising routine. It helps me connect with my runner/walker friends and we motivate each other to keep the good work going.

Come back to know how week 2 goes :)

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