Sunday, May 15, 2011

My first 5K run - Girls on the Run 2011

This Saturday, I participated for the first time in a 5K run as a runner. Till now, I was a walker and Zumba enthusiast but running was far away from me though my husband is a marathon runner and has been a regular runner for many years now. For few months, he and my health coach at work were advising me to sign up for a 5K to get into a regular exercise routine. Their point was if I have a goal in front of me, I will definitely take out time to prepare for it no matter how busy my regular schedule would be. And that's what actually happened and I am so glad that I listened to them :)

Early this year, I signed up for my first 5K run - Girls on the Run Silicon Valley as a birthday gift to my dear husband. He was more than thrilled and was all determined to help me train for the run.

Girls on the Run Silicon Valley, in their 10th year of inception encourages preteen girls to develop self respect and healthy lifestyle through running. The 5K run is a non-competitive family-friendly fun run/walk event and all GOTR participants, their family members, friends or community members could join to celebrate healthy living.

Initially I started running on the treadmill and didn't find it very difficult to prepare for the 5K (3.1 miles) but the day I ran on the track outside, I knew I had a long way to go. My husband told me about Runkeeper, a wonderful website to track your exercising routine. I opened an account on the site and also downloaded their iphone app. With the Runkeeper on the phone, I would track all my runs and walks and see how the preparation was coming along. I was able to motivate one of my close friend to sign up too. We did couple of runs together and it felt great to motivated each other for a common goal.

With the preparation I had, I knew I will be able to do it but the question was whether I will be able to keep my target of completing the run in less than 35 min non-stop. It was a strange but an amazing feeling to stand behind the start line with my friend and ~2500 other runners. So far I have gone to many marathons supporting my husband and this was the first time the roles had reversed. It was very motivating to run with girls of all ages, their parents/coaches and other family members. Throughout the run, I had the goal in my mind which kept me going. I was on the top of the world, when I crossed the finish line with my son who joined me few yards before, with 0:33:35 showing on the Runkeeper.

I have heard and experienced through my husband, first run is the icebreaker and then you are hooked on to it. I was wondering the same on my way back when I was talking to my friend about our next run already !!

Girls on the Run Logo - Courtesy Girls on the Run


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  2. Good photos and great time. I was running on my home treadmill and realized I can get so much more if I were to run outside. Thanks for mentioning runkeeper. I'll try it out soon.

    Are you currently running?


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