Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Since I became a mom around 9 years back, I don't remember how many times I have told my mom how much I appreciate what she had done for her children and how much I understand now what it takes for a mom to raise a kid.

On this day to celebrate the epitome of creativity, love and care - a MOTHER, I wish my mom a very Happy Mother's day and thank her for bringing me to this beautiful world, fulfilling all my needs, giving me her ears when I had to share something and at the same time pulling my ears when needed, being my pillar of strength and teaching me how to be a good human being.

Below is the picture of a mother's day gift from my almost 9 year old son. I found it very creative as he has used different eatables to make the wood art and my kitchen will be blessed to have it on its wall.

I wish my mother in-law a very Happy Mother's day and thank her for helping me recognize my talent, encouraging me to follow my dreams and work towards full filling them. I wish all my sisters in-law and cousins a very Happy Mother's day and thank them for showering so much love on their sister and standing by her in life's ups and downs. I wish all my friends a very Happy Mother's day and thank them for being very supporting and encouraging, for sharing their experiences to raise kids and otherwise, and for being such a wonderful extended family.

Happy Mother's Day to All!!

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