Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bead soup I cooked for my partner

Doing anything for the first time has its own flavors of excitement, enthusiasm and fear. When I was choosing the beads for my first bead soup, I was wondering what will be exciting for my partner Francy. I choose different shades of pink with a blend of Rose Quartz, Agate, coral and Swarovski along with Silver giving her variety of beads to play with. I was waiting for her reaction on the soup before I revealed it here. And as she has already received it and found it very yummy specially the Swarovski, here it is...

Eagerly waiting to see what Francy makes with her soup!


  1. I think you cooked up a wonderful bead soup for your partner and love how you photographed it.

  2. Love the clever first pic! Could be santa (what I thought of first) or a colorful bud ready to bloom or . . . .

    great beads and pic!

  3. Thanks Charlene & Francy! I am so glad that you liked the pictures!!


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