Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Art & Crafts Fair 2010

Today I am showcasing my jewelry at Spring Art & Crafts Fair 2010 at my work place.
From Menka's Jewelry

Its always an amazing experience to see the 'other creative side' of high tech engineers & colleagues. Some of other Artisans who are showcasing their talents are
Ruth Kim - Handmade Origami
Arlene Robbins - Photography
Raju Yasala - Paintings

To contribute back to community, I will be donating 10% of my sales to Small Steps Foundation - a 501 (c)(3)organization supporting projects targeted at formal and informal education for underprivileged children in India.

This time I was one of the main organizers for the fair and experienced the happy and not so happy side of it. But at the end,a successful fair and smiles on peoples faces tells you that all the hard work and effort was totally worth it :)


  1. I work at Intel and I saw your collections today, they were beautiful! I am sorry you had a not so happy aspect of organizing this event, but I appreciate all of you coming out to showcase your talent as not all of our lives are about Intel :o)

  2. Hi Anonymous, Thanks a ton for appreciating the talent. You got it right...the whole purpose of having the fair is to showcase what else a hard working Intel employee can do :) For the not so happy aspect, I think its part and parcel of being in an organizing team. We have a wonderful team who is going above and beyond to make things better for the fair every time. I look forward to see you at the Winter fair. If you want to talk more...drop me an email :)

  3. Good job with organizig the event. It's always challenging to balance work and participating in events like this...adding organizing effort to this even more challenging... i agree that at the end of a day a comment here and there is what we look as an artisan to move ahead with more energy... i really enjoyed the event...

  4. Hi Menka,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful jewelry on this blog! I had a lot of fun at the craft fair last Wednesday. You and the other members of the 'artsy-crafty' organizing group put a lot of work into this to make the day happen. Thanks! Oh, I can't wait to see what's in store for the December fair. Ruth :-)

  5. Thanks All. Glad that you enjoyed the fair. Looking forward to see you at the December one.


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