Friday, April 23, 2010

Turquoise necklace

According to world-renowned fashion and color expert Pantone, Turquoise is the color of year 2010 and I simply love this color. Here is one of the Turquoise necklace I recently designed.
From Menka's Jewelry

The gemstones used in the necklace are Turquoise, Agate and Aventurine along with Silver. Faceted button Turquoise beads are enhanced by round Agate and the Silver fringes on the triangular Agate pendant add the mystic look to the necklace.

A simple yet bold necklace...


  1. It's very pretty, Menka. I especially like the silver fringes on the pendant.

  2. very very pretty!..wud surely like to have one. how much this cost?

  3. It's beautiful Menka, especially Turquoise being my favorite colour as well. the pendant looks awesome with those silver fringes... Will check out more of ur collection personally..:-)

  4. @Geeta : Thanks a ton! The cost is $65 + 9.25% sales being in California. Click on the picture and you can see the details!

    @Priya : Thanks! Sure. Looking forward to your visit. Will keep few Turquoise pieces ready :)


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