Friday, August 24, 2012

6th Bead Soup Bog Party : Soup exchange

As many of you know that the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party organized by Lori Anderson is going on and this time we have not one, not two but three reveals. I am participating in the third reveal which is due on August 25th. I know my readers were wondering why I didn't post the pictures of the bead soups me and my partners exchanged, till now and here is why.

When I got my bead soup from my partner Rachel Baron in the beginning of July, I had just started to pack my house for renovation so to keep the bead soup safe I packed it in a box along with other beading stuff but missed marking the box :( Packing the whole house took couple of weeks and after that we moved out to my sister in-law's house for a week to get the hard wood floor done. After the hard wood floor, interior painting was done and ever since we moved into the house I was trying to unpack the boxes and find the bead soup packet. And finally I found the box couple of days back tucked underneath the pile of boxes in my garage. I am so glad that I found it in time and though now I got only few days to work on the design and blog reveal I hope I was able to do justice with my partner's beautiful soup.

Here is the beautiful soup I got from Rachel.

It included a lamp work focal made by Rachel herself, matching lamp work spacers, a Swarovski toggle clasp, Laboradite, glass pearls and blue crystals.

And here is the soup I sent to Rachel.

It included a dyed Turquoise focal, a silver and copper toggle, faceted Agate, white quartz and Jade roundels, onion shaped green Onyx. I also sent different shapes of silver rings and beads.

Can't wait to see what Rachel has designed with the soup I sent to her. I guess the wait is not too long :)

You can check out the first and second reveals here

And all the participants here.

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