Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Every piece has a story behind it!

Isn't it true that most of us love stories?
Well...I do...both listening and telling stories!
And I feel very happy when a story gets attached to my jewelry pieces.

The necklace set below is one of the sets I made for the Winter Art & Crafts fair held at my work place in the beginning of December. The set is made of oval cream fresh water Pearls, pink Swarovski crystals and Silver beads.

From Menka's Jewelry

One of my colleagues really liked this set during the show but couldn't decide whether she wanted to buy it or not. Next morning when I went to work, she peeked into my cube and asked me if the necklace or the earrings were already sold. Then she told me that she really wanted to buy it but was not sure about the size. I customized the necklace as she wanted and she was so happy to have the set :)

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