Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My first blog!

Finally...I created my own blog!

For a long time, my husband, Arun has been asking me to create a blog to share my thoughts behind the jewelry I make but I kept thinking...nah, its not my cup of tea, where do I have the time to write my thoughts etc etc.

Recently I came across a news article in San Jose Mercury News which talked about couple of very famous blogs - My Romantic Home and Daisy Cottage; and how the writers got into blogging. I must say that I was really very impressed with these blogs and was wondering why can't I do the same...well...at least I can give it a shot for some days:-)

Here I am writing my first entry...stay tuned for many more;-)


  1. Congratulations, a 1000 mile journey always starts with a single step :)

  2. Menka, welcome to the world of blogging. Don't worry about making it perfect - just get something out there, you can always improve it. If you're interested, you can see my family blog at http://stankavich.com.

  3. Congratulations on your blog. I want to see more of your creations here.


  4. Thanks Rekha. Yes, I plan to post more pictures of my jewelry here very soon. Stay tuned :-)


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