My journey into the beautiful world of beads started as a bead activity at my nephew's birthday party followed by making gifts for family & friends. Fascinated by colorful beads & gemstones and encouraged by family & friends, I started making earrings, necklaces and bracelets. That's how Menka's Jewelry was incarnated...from a hobby to a passion to a small business!

As I started visiting local bead stores and gem shows, I felt a sense of deep happiness every time I was surrounded by beads and gemstones and I started putting anytime I got for myself into making jewelry. Before I realized, my garage was filled with boxes full of beads and beading supplies.

A professional blogger himself, my husband encouraged me to create a blog and start writing the thoughts behind my jewelry. Writing the blog helped me connect with lots of other beaders throughout the world. Through my blog, I participate in Bead Soup Blog parties and love to connect with other creative people.

Besides making jewelry, I work for Intel and have two young boys. I often joke with people that making jewelry is my stress buster from the hustle and bustle of life. At Intel, I co-chair Art and Crafts Fair Committee for its Santa Clara campus. We organize two fairs every year where Intel employees showcase their handicrafts. Its an amazing experience to see the creative things people do besides working for a high tech company :)

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